Duke Nukem Forever

This is a really good game
I was looking for a game like Half-Life and here it is. Both are by Gearbox but you are Duke instead of Freeman. You fight aliens and pig cops instead of aliens and troopers. The game is very varied, a hundred times more varied than, say, a Call of Duty. I am only a third the way through now but I really like it. The action can be very hectic in a fire fight but then very slow and careful, like the remote control car puzzle. It is only $20 now and you can get it as disk or download from EB Games (GameStop) or Steam. It's 6.5 GB.

Whatever you do, do NOT buy a console version. Buy the PC version only. First, the XBOX 360 and PS are totally obsolete. They came out in 2005, which is prehistory now. PC's have a seven year advantage. So by Moore's law of doubling in 1.5 years they are 2^(7/1.5)=25.4 times better! Also, FPS are impossible to play with thumb sticks because you cannot aim. You shoot the floor, the walls, the ceiling while the mobs kill you. Just use a mouse and make your life a whole lot better. On a PC the frame rate is smooth, the res high and the load times negligible. And I don't ever have to listen to my Xbox's ancient optical drive screaming and chugging away again.

I have died quite a few times on medium difficulty but if I am slowed down too much I just go to the free walkthru on Yahoo. It tells you the strategy for each fight so you don't have to waste time trying to figure it out if you don't want to.